Sampson wasn’t the only one concerned about his locks! After 5 years of being natural, I have learned some VALUABLE lessons about my curly strands and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. I only allow a select few people to tame this mane of mine. Whenever I get my hair braided I literally drive 2.5 hours to Greenwood, South Carolina to let the Queen of Braids work her magic! I know you might think this is a bit extreme, but let me fill you in as to why.

1. Pain FREE

Ladies, I know you think, the tighter the better, but “Not I” said the cat. Not only does that place stress on the hair follicle and prevents the hair from breathing, but it can break your hair off from the follicle preventing it from growing back EVER. And quite frankly, who doesn’t love their edges??? I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would braid your hair so tight you can’t look from left to right but it happens. With the Queen of Braids I have a full range of motion as soon as I leave her chair! I sleep soundly at night with no worries of headaches and stressed out edges!

2. Actual BOX Braids

The term BOX BRAIDS is derived from the way the hair is PARTED. She actually makes sure the hair is per portioned properly to the hair being added. Limiting stress on your poor strands from all of the potential weight of the weave being added. I can’t take “braiders” that think strands of hair will support a handle full of 20 inch weave. Sorry boo, I didn’t ask for jumbo zillions.

3. Quality = Quantity

4 hours flat …. YEAH I said it! Not only do I leave her chair feeling like a million bucks, I also don’t have to LIVE in her chair. lol I know every one hates the process of waiting at the beauty shop getting ANY service done. I mean who wants their ENTIRE day taken by some one playing around in their head?! The Queen handles her clients with CARE. 

So, yes I will drive 2.5 hrs anytime to get Quality BUT you don’t have to! Call her and schedule an appointment and she may just come to you. Tell her Maine ST sent you.


For appointments call or text 864-337-3647 Serious Inquiries ONLY

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