Maine Frequency

I go through phases of infatuation with different music genres every so often. What I choose to listen to has a lot to do with my mood and over all emotional state. However, lately I’ve observed that, rather than my mood choosing my music, my music chooses my mood. I find myself often times turning off tunes due to them killing my vibe! It’s not always the lyrics that cause a shift in my listening but sometimes just the pure sound.

I brought this up to a friend of mine, who does music and he informed me of the use of frequency in music. He told me that the frequency is basically the pitch or tone of the music. Which got my wheels turning as to why these tracks were bringing down my mood. Lets shift focus briefly. As a child (shoot and even now at times) when my mom or dad would say things in a sweet tone, no matter if they were denying me of going to play at a neighbors house or refusing me a happy meal, I would be more prone to being okay with not receiving what I requested because of their suave delivery. The same principle applied when they were completely OVER me asking them ANYTHING and flat out shut down my whole operation with a STERN and salty NO. In both instances I didn’t get MY way, but my reaction was different because of the way they said, “no”. Music’s frequency has the power to inspire sunshine or rain in your day. Be mindful of your mood while listening to music or any thing/body.

You have the power to shift your mood with just a turn of the dial. Don’t hesitate to turn off the negative frequencies vibrating into your life. Here are some of the artists that have heightened my vibe, that you may not be familiar with. I hope you enjoy!

Like Rae Sremmurd said, “Killing someones vibe, should be a f*ckin crime!”

So back to what I was saying,

  • Quadron
  • Xay Zoleil
  • Jesse Boykins
  • The Internet
  • Iman Omari
  • Hiatus Kaiyote
  • Sango
  • Kyle Marshall
  • Alina Baraz

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