Food on the Fly :: Stir Fry ::

Here’s a little something about me you may not know. At times I am the most classic of southern Belle’s with my food cravings and others I want absolutely NOTHING to do with meat. Today was definitely one of those days!

On the road I eat the same dang thang all the dang time. In attempts to use my vegetables and such before I am forced to throw them out, I find the best ways to use my produce before it’s hasty death and what better way to rid yourself of borderline, expired veggies other than to stir-fry them?!

I sauteed my dear mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in light butter, sea salt and olive oil. After heating them for about 5 minutes I added meatless chick’n strips and soy sauce .. yes I said meatless chick’n strips … check them out in your grocers frozen foods aisle

Letting the strips brown for about 6 minutes I threw my yummy kale, arugula, chard mix into the combination for some color and vitamins! Couldn’t forget about my left over wild rice, which is full of protein, calcium, potassium and iron that added the perfect alkaline carb to my nutritious meal. Beneficial and filling, I can’t wait to eat my left overs for lunch tomorrow!

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