ReInvent Your Zen with some Meditation ::

Here’s a #TBT for me but may be new to you. If so I HIGHLY encourage you to check this book out! I went on a God journey years ago to TRULY step out of religion and make it a relationship. In doing so I researched religions, practices and other belief systems. I’ve always found the peace the Tibetan Lama’s possessed to be were very intriguing. But I always wondered, could I practice meditation if I wasn’t a monk or a Lama? What does it even mean to meditate? How do I meditate? Where do I begin? In this book I gained understanding of all these questions that enlightened my mind, spirit and interaction with others. It’s become a vital piece of centering myself and maintaining a healthy spiritual lifestyle! My wish is this, that this post reaches those who are in search of balance, freedom and love. The Tibetan Book of Meditation by Lama Christie McNally breaks it down in a real elementary form that we all can understand!

Speak peace. Be Love. Be Light!


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