What if I don’t know what my MUST is?

Well, simply ask yourself who or what do you love and are YOU for sure!

As a young girl I’ve ALWAYS been in love with performing! I have tried plenty of other forms of artistic expression and I’ve always came back and focused on DANCING and ACTING! Art in general has made my heart sing since I could remember. From art classes, piano lessons, to writing shows for my imaginary friends and I, LOL I’ve always followed my heart and what makes me happy. In doing so I’ve been asked and told by countless others that they have no clue as to what makes them GENUINELY HAPPY and it’s so inspiring how I am a traveling performer and get the opportunity to do what I love everyday. Enough about me, because this isn’t what this entry is about. Here’s how you figure out what you MUST DO to make YOU HAPPY.

SIT BACK AND TAKE IT ALL IN … In 3 EASY STEPS … You’ll need a pen and paper for this, because answers just don’t fall out of the sky, they’re written. :: Gospel Truth :: 

1. Take Some Time for You Just get ALL into YOURSELF! You’re more interesting than you think!

2. Write down what makes you Smile What’s something that you do for yourself and/or other that brings you joy? Now, DO IT and repeat. I’m sure each variation will spark NEW ideas!

3. What could you do without being paid? We’re journeying to unlocking what makes our HEART sing, not what we should sing while working on the railroad, all the live long day!

When we identify what makes us truly happy and pursue it, it is not work. It’s fulfilling the desires of our hearts. Not everyone is meant to be a performer, doctor, lawyer or fire fighter. Where would the world be without caregivers, farmers, astrologists, social workers. Everything isn’t for everybody and that’s okay! Lets find out what makes YOUR heart sing!

Because, who works anymore? –Maine ST

2 thoughts on “How to find your LOVE in 3 easy steps!

  1. Love this and it has pushed me in my current journey to get the ball rolling on creating financial and everyday freedom for myself!!!! I still think I’m. One of your biggest fans lol …continue to let your light shine in the moments where you make think it’s not it is continue to inspire and encourage others… Love you always —- Ty

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this entry and let it penetrate your heart. You’ve always supported me and for that I an FOREVER grateful! I love you and anything I can do to help, let me know. #LetsGrowTogether

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