Erykah Badu has mesmerized us ALL for YEARS with her hidden messages and smooth delivery. Why else would people compare vibrant, afro rocking women to her if she wasn’t completely, BAD ASS!? I figured why not honor the Queen in my next Maine Frequency post, especially because this post is coming to you LIVE, from my hotel room in Dallas, TX, which is our hometown!. The day her mixtape dropped, I was awaken by a tag on IG from my dear friend @JohnJamesATL (check him out, he’s pretty dope) saying “It’s here!”. I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s here! The woman understands frequency, why not get a taste? So take your smart, beautiful self right on over to your favorite music hub and get that, STAT.

 [disclaim]Directions: Listen front to back and Repeat x10[/disclaim]

Boozilla Baby

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