Lately I’ve been having random guys approach me and say, “You’re beautiful, you look like Erykah Badu!”

In response I smile and giggle, as most Librans do when given a compliment, but honestly I have NO IDEA HOW nor WHY they’d say I actually LOOK like Erykah Badu. The woman is GORGEOUS on SO MANY levels (because there’s levels to this shit) but which level are they seeing?(is the question) lol

After some careful consideration I believe I have figured out what level they may mean. Now, this post isn’t to offend you, but if it does, thank me later because you’re about to get a gem. HA!

As an African American, female I am taught to deny my natural beauty and view my natural self as unattractive. I mean when do you ever see a beauty queen with huge, kinky, coily hair, freckles and thick thighs?? We’re given rules about how light or dark our skin needs to be to be viewed as beautiful. But, remember that thing people are currently RAVING about, I think it’s called VIBES, yea THAT’s what they’re seeing glowing around me! I rock my afro unapologetically because I love my skin, my hair, myself and because of that you can FEEL my MAGIC. That’s not Erykah baby that’s Blak Majik and I feel honored that people can see that pride radiating off of me when I am walking through the streets, and if you need a further explanation as to what that glow is, hunny check out Common’s track Blak Majik.






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