I told myself when I was younger I was going to get exactly what I wanted out of life and because of that I have gained the WORLD.

I began training in dance at the age of 3 and never fell out of love with it; the same with acting, from performing at the Corner Theatre to finally landing my first print gig and commercial with Radio Shack in elementary the journey is still alive. Performing and exploring the art sets my soul free at the end of the day and I want to submerge myself in LOVE and FRESH experiences. Although there’s nothing new under the sun there is ALWAYS something to learn  By expanding my knowledge in my craft I will find the fulfillment my inner yearns for.

What do you love and are you for sure?!

2 thoughts on “It’s MY LIFE .. Ima do what I want

  1. I am so!!!! proud of you. You are an inspiration. Keep applying your talents and gifts to the world. Love Aunt Val

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