Rihanna’s Anti album is one of her most timeless compilations of stories in my opinion. If you dont think you’re a RiRi fan, just pay attention to the tunes that come through your speakers that you can’t help but tap your toes to and sing every lyric. Your mind might be in Disturbia to find that it’s that island chic, that was calling S.O.S back in 2006, that has your body and lips moving . The radio loves her and contrary to popular belief you may just be in love too lol. I must say I’m impressed with her growth as a vocal artist and her taste in music. The woman is BAD ūüėŹ.

When I first listened to Anti¬†and Same Ol’ Mistakes came on I instantly thought, “She sounds great like this! It sounds like Tame Impala!” And after a few discussions with my friends, Jessica Lauren of NoRealJewelry.com, told me, “that group you were telling me about Tame Impala, let her use their song!” Super crazy how sounds are contagious. Although I’m ¬†sure Rihanna is not logging onto MaineSt.net for my latest Maine Frequency posts to find tunes with great vibes, she’s out in the universe ¬†vibing to the same ol’ frequency that’s vibrating on Maine ST. ¬†With all of that being said, if you love Rihanna’s ¬†Same Ol’ Mistakes, listen to Tame Impala’s album Currents and keep the wave alive!


Killing someone’s Vibe should be a F*ckin Crime

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