While practicing the Yamas, more attention has been brought to my habits. While some are good and others could use some refining, each Yama helped the other. I was taught in church all of these principles but by giving each pillar distinct focus I have developed a love for the focus. I’m sure you’re probably thinking “what focus?”, but the focus I am speaking about is that of self and my impact on others through my presence and values. Each Yama is directed to ones self yet it benefits others as well.

This focus has lowered my stress levels financially, in my relationships and personally; while also opening my awareness and creating healthy, energy balancing exercises and points of focus to go to in once “frantic” scenerios. I can honestly say I have reached center. Just because enlightenment has been granted doesn’t mean things in life won’t happen, it’s all about HOW we handle them that changes WHAT happens to us. I could get all “instructional video” on here but spiritual talk in my eyes is more of a “DIY”, “here is the basics and find what works for you” type of deal.

Wanna know what all this Yama talk is about? Well here are the 5 Yamas I took 5 weeks to focus on each. Now, as I said before I’ve practiced and studied these for years and I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some if not all of them as well, but try to step outside of the OBVIOUS and really DIG within yourself to find where you can practice them on a deeper level. You’ll be surprised to learn the many sides of you. Also, WARNING, while focusing on each Yama, I encountered TESTS! NEVER fear, these are opportunities to center, see, practice, do and trust in God that you are enough and you will ALWAYS have enough because of that same understanding.

Ahimsa | non-harming

Satya | non-lying

Asteya | non-stealing

Brahmacharya | sexual abstinence /self control

Aparigraha | non-hoarding/non-possessiveness

Don’t be intimidated by the jargon, I encourage you to RESEARCH. You will find PRICELESS gems, that will impact the entire universe!

Travel Light

Live Light

Spread the Light,

Be the Light.

-Yogi Bhajan

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