Logical and Optimistic, do those two words even go together? Didn’t seem like it, as I was writing it šŸ˜‚, I felt the essence of an oxymoron lingering in the shadows. Oddly enough, I do believe that it is the status of my perception at this day in age.

There is no denying what TRULY IS. One’s perception shapes their reality, but if you do not perceive it is it not so? That is a question I will leave you to dissect.

What I do know for sure is this, things DO happen, WILL happen and ARE happening; how we choose to accept theseĀ things is solely up to us. Contentment in what IS creates peace and joy adding love to each situation, no matter what IS.

The next Niyama is | S A N T O S H A | which means contentment and satisfaction.

May this week bring you peace, joy, love and a new found appreciation for life.

By viewing the world around you with rose colored lenses let the silver linings soar free and the celebrations reign supreme.

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