When we are content within ourselves we experience bliss!

I know at times it’s hard to relax inside of the right now when everything is not going as planned, just remember storms do not last always and we shape formless matter with our thoughts. Take a moment to settle the energy that you release daily by simply closing your eyes taking a deep 8 sec count breath in and 8 out, repeat this 4 times. I promise it will slow things down for you to give you a chance to sort it all out and wind it all down. Peace, Light and Love to you friends 🙏🏾 Namaste

2 thoughts on “SANTOSHA

  1. Although I’m a white male, 50, I’m able to relate to whatever you’re thinking. Our world pigeonholes all of us and tries to snuff the light inside. Thus, thank you for posting the story and your own insight.

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