Way back in the day we use to say WOO-SAH and would rub our ears. These days I say Relax and #HittheFloor.

Nature has been giving me a major opportunity to take a minute to sit on it and let my energy levels balance out.

Lately I’ve been very busy with all of my personal responsibilities and also maintaining a social life. I rarely have time to stop unless I’m going to sleep which has been happening when I’m trying to cuddle up and watch a movie.

In the recent past I have hit the floor for a balancing break and there hasn’t been any grass available to connect and recharge with. All I’ve found was cold, hard pieces of cement to perch my tootie upon.

Cement is not ALIVE therefore it confuses the vibration within you. Hence, I like to wear rubber soled shoes when I’m going to be in a location that has no natural light, elements or energy. The rubber bounces the frequency off of me rather that pulling it in.

When we choose to RELAX we are releasing toxic vibrations that are clouding clarity and openly allowing energy to come in and replace that negative space. With that being said, connect with the SOURCE = NATURE and FEEL the difference.

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