For two years now I’ve been semi-infatuated with the dream of going to AfroPunk. Initially my fantasy was to go to Brooklyn, dress up and roam the streets celebrating the culture with my favorite gals, but after that never seemed to happen due to touring and other life obligations I got a widdle sad to be honest.

This year for my birthday my significant other decided to buy us AfroPunk weekend passes! When I tell ya’ll I damn near fainted, I screamed SO loud (I’m a screamer when I get excited) and laid the biggest, juiciest kiss I could cultivate with my mini pillow lips onto his face. That man is SO FREAKING AWESOME **deep sigh** I had to do it.


Everyone has seen the beautiful creatures that come out for this festival, with their glitter, body paint, head dresses (baby calls them permanent Snapchat filters) and vintage clothing. I instantly began to think of what to wear to the celebration. Debates on whether to go out and purchase some new garments and accessories or do the good, old thrift shop hop to score some clutch threads. As the week unraveled and gigs lined up I lost ALL track of time and desire to focus any energy on clothes. I could’ve worn my birthday suit and been content. Being with the one I love at the festival was more than enough excitement for me. We threw on our threads and hit the ground running.


We danced each night away to some epic sounds by Big Freedia, Byrell the Great, DJ Hourglass, Soulection, Sango, Lion Babe, GoldLink, SZA, Saul Williams and Gallant just to name a few of our FAVORITES.

No specials clothes needed to have a beautiful time, with stellar vibes. #MaineFrequency was definitely radiating in the tent.

AfroPunk, you don’t owe me shit.

[ If you don’t know who those folks are I recommend you get to knowing! ]




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