I received a message asking how to relate to nature due to my previous post Relate. Basically, the memo was when you’re not feeling 110% cool, calm and collected to go out into nature to lower your stress levels and heighten your vibrations. In response to Arlyne’s inquiry, here are other ways to lower those stress levels and add a more in depth look on how nature can transform that negative energy in more ways than one.


Smelling something sweet or seeing vibrant colors can place a grin on your face as well as unlock different portals of the mind. Nature also has the ability to tickle those happy synapses in your brain. Touching live, loving organisms excites all the senses in one way or another. Even nature reacts to us with love when we’re giving it the same love vibration. Just thinking about muva Earth is making me happy.

Taking off your shoes, and socks of course, walking through the natural parts of the Earth can allow your body to release toxins and take in the minerals of the planet. The same nutrients that make the trees grow big and strong can also aid our bodies in not only releasing stress but balancing out our body chemistry and vibration. If you’re not into “Earthing”, observing the colors and textures of our wondrous landscape is also a sure way to put you at ease. Find peace in knowing everything is sustainable from nature’s abundant supply.

A few more things I like to do when I’m not feeling as if I’m vibrating to my highest potential other than going straight to the source are doing activities such as, sun bathing or walking in nature, is journaling, reading, and meditation. When I find a good book it allows me to adventure outside of my current reality; it is a way to expand the imagination beyond immediate influences in your current environment. No matter if I’ve read the book a few dozen times before I find messages of inspiration and gather a new outlook to old ideas. I love finding myself in a good, old self-help book that can provide me with tips on new ways to organize, view and cope with life’s curve balls. May it be fiction or fact looking beyond the obvious and examining the bigger picture, to find solutions, clarity and freedom can be found inside of the spine of a new or tethered reserve.

In the times I want to expand my personal manifestations, writing in my journal gives me a space to create and sort. Journaling is so therapeutic. Being able to release my concerns, desires, insecurities, praises, goals and hang ups FREELY enables me to find a lot of answers to my own questions.

By putting everything out on the table simple and plain I was able to track my prayers. Asking for God to do things and forgetting what I asked for made me into a stressed out, paranoid turd. Missing out on opportunities to be grateful and exercise patience because I couldn’t recall what I asked for had me going nowhere fast. But to my surprise when I began reviewing the manifestations of my heart, they were coming through quicker than I realized. That widdle, valuable piece of information TURNT me ALL the WAY UP and shot my vibe through the roof, causing me to tap into my SUPER powers more often. Don’t hesitate to write down what you want. You just might find that you’ve already received your order and that it’s time to do something with it.

Meditation is another tool to manifesting that I acquired after realizing what i wrote down was actually planting seeds, I then began watering them with meditation. Not giving up my daydreams was a way for me to walk into my heart’s desires and fill my spirit with the confidence to be who I saw myself being, rather than resting in who I was at that moment. You don’t have to sit criss cross apple sauce, with your eyes closed and chant to meditate. Meditation is fixing your mind on a thought/idea or clearing your mind from all thoughts to create peace in your being.

Release that stress and believe in your manifestation power. You have the ability to shape formless matter with the meditations of your heart. Choose wisely the thoughts you entertain. Choose love not fear.

Be Light, Be Love, Namaste.

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