As you may or may not know, most deodorants contain aluminum and other unnatural products that not only clog your pours but go into your bloodstream. Using those types of chemicals on your arm pits place your breasts in direct contact with possible cancer causing materials.

Now, ya’ll know I’m no bio-chemist, but what sense does it make to place hazardous chemicals in your body, on your body to run through your bloodstream or most of all near your breast tissues and pores? So in honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’d like to introduce you all to a deodorant that has been holding me down for a while now.

Piperwai, charcoal, crēme deodorant, is a 100% plant-based, pH-balanced absorbent shield. Jess & Sarah have been business partners ever since lemonade stands and have managed to move their business skills all the way to whipping deodorants in the kitchen. Jess made Piperwai after experiencing irritation while using chemical based products. Sarah even trekked through South America wearing Jess’ recipe and found she was just as fresh.

I was introduced to their product by my mother who saw the two young women pitching their natural, physical deodorizer on Shark Tank. My mother knows how in LOVE I am with natural products so she ordered two pods and tossed them my way. For some time I let them sit under my sink, like I do most beauty products I binge buy, but one day I was out of my all time favorite clean, Dove deodorant. I then opened one pod and coated my pits like there was no tomorrow.

I’ve always been a HEAVY sweater, lol no pun intended, so I was a little nervous to go to an audition with this recipe as my only protection. To my surprise I was not only protected I also enjoyed the natural scent. I came to learn a little goes a long way and I didn’t have to use a heaping of the product for my pits to be protected.

I’ll let them tell their own story at Make sure you check out their site and order your own natural deodorant for only $11.99 and release some of the chemicals you expose your body too.

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