Beyond all of the electoral shenanigans, I have been going through A LOT lately. My trust, service and consideration was violated to my face which left me in an akward, disheartening position.

I hate it when people make the mistake of taking my kindness for weakness and just blatantly treating me like, “Fuck you and yo feelin’s”. I can’t help but to think it’s in some individuals nature to be inconsiderate, blood suckers. Maybe they went through something to make them so inconsiderate or they can’t help but to give into that dark voice, that some of us have the strength to dismiss.

Either way, I’m sure it’s something I’m not suppose to understand, but at times I find myself feeling like a fresh orange feeding off the sun when someone runs up with a giant straw and sucks me dry. In those instances I must retreat into my quiet place meditate, watch a good film and get a nice big, bear hug from someone I love. Most times I need a few good hugs lol but hey, who’s counting? The love that I receive from those I know truly love and care for me gives me the juice I need to continue on.

I say all of this to remind us all, not EVERYONE is against us, our light is valuable and appreciated, keep your good intentions because YOU ARE LOVED. And through that same love we will rise above the darkness because fear cannot live in love.

Peace & Light Family,

Bless ❤

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