Many people find themselves around this time of year making resolutions, lists, vision boards and just plain reinventing themselves. We’ve been conditioned to hold the New Year as a time for NEW things, customs and strategy experiments.

That’s great and all but let us not forget the people who haven’t made it to 2017 with us. The souls that were on the brink of a new year and didn’t have the opportunity to start on their NEW beginning.

I know this is a fine time for me to be saying all of this but seriously think about all of the things you’ve been contemplating ALL year. The things that have been on hold to change just for the new year. Those things aren’t new nor are they something that should be counted as light work. Because lets be honest if it were so easy you would’ve done it this year, Right?

With all of that being said each day is a new opportunity to manifest your BETTER self! You ARE enough, just as you are, lets not forget that. BUT everyday we move further towards the person we are ultimately GOING to be, whether we like it or not.

The things we choose to do daily push us further towards our subliminal goals! With subliminal goals come subliminal actions that are taken to reach those. Some actions that are taken can be VERY beneficial and others can be some what sabotaging to what we ultimately want, but we haven’t caught onto their counteracting elements.

Therefore, on this New Years Eve let us celebrate our steps that we have taken FORWARD to even have the privilege to enjoy this day, as well as examine our strategies and hiccups of 2016 with a grateful mind.

Remember it may be a new year, but you’re still the same OG. Refine yourself, don’t lose yourself because we all have a beautiful light within whether we let it shine or not.


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