Self – Expression as been vital for me this week. I began a new part time gig in which I utterly LOVE, and also have began to form some what schedule for myself. While scheduling seems so mundane, it can be SUPER freeing! I’ve also picked up a new read recently by the name of The Creative Habit Learn It and Use It for Life by Twayla Tharp. In which Twayla says to form rituals instead of routines. By giving tasks importance and vitality one can feel more excitement and purpose in doing.

If you need help finding what your purpose is take a look at my article on How to find your PurposeThe selection has great tips on how to search your soul and find your desires.

Since the Vissudha, the throat chakra, is centered around sound make sure you take some time to speak over yourself. Seek, Speak and Know your Truth  so that no one can label you as something else. 

Here are some great daily affirmations to keep your throat open. 

  • I know my truth & I share it.
  • I am guided by my deepest purpose.
  • My life is guided by divine synchronicity. 

Be Light Family and Speak Up!

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