Have you taken time to unplug lately, turning off the television, letting your phone die and your iPad go to sleep for longer than a few hours? To be honest I know I have not turned everything off in a while.

As I went Earthing the other day I had my cell phone with me because I was getting calls and messages about work. As I picked up the phone I felt as if I was being invaded. When I’m out in nature it’s MY time to be with God. I use that time to sort my thoughts, to forget everything and remember that the silence of my thoughts create room for acceptance.  

Illustrated by: Tilly Campbell – Allen

Clearing out the clutter of noise makes room for love and new desires to form in the physical realm. The silencing of the what if(s) makes the mind space an enjoyable place. Silence creates a safe space to paint possibilities without danger of doubt. 

Opening up the crown chakra forms unity, not only in the physical existence but also in the mind and spirit. The awareness of your thoughts and their functioning will give purity to your mind. Thinking of your thoughts as a compass to the fulfillment of your desires may encourage you to be more adventurous in your ideas and less depressed in your presumptions.

The only person that can stop you from excelling is you. Therefore take the time to silence the noise you create in your life that can hinder your crown from shaping the future you’ve dreamt of living.  

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