Fantasizing about the Jones’ won’t get you where you want to be. You don’t know what they did to get what they have.  


What do you want? What do you love?  Where do you see yourself going? We have to examine the things WE WANT. Concentrating on the path of others doesn’t allow us to appreciate our own journey. Yes, we can learn from others BUT we cannot travel down their path because each is unique!

The cool thing about the people that we admire is they’ve worked through pain, trials and roadblocks to reach the goals we celebrate them for and still have the courage to continue on. We get to enjoy the results of their hard work. Just because they’ve accomplished a lot does not mean there’s not more to go on their journey as well.

There will be some long days and nights that you will work through. Sometimes it may seem as if nothing is happening BUT your work will not be in vein when you create the right mixture of passion + patience + practice.

Peace to you all on your journey & #LetsGrowTogether

One thought on “Do It for the Passion and Not for the Pay Check

  1. This is awesome, also this is why I’m pursuing my dreams! It’s not about money for me, but freedom. Being free to control how much money I make and how I spend my days! Keep it up homie!!!

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