I know it’s easily said by many, to love the skin you’re in and show yourself respect. But how can you do all of those marvelous things if you haven’t first taken the time with yourself, to KNOW yourself?

I know I talk a lot about doing what you love & loving your process. Personally, to live in abundance, inside of those self acknowledging principles, I had to first love myself & know who I was, to appreciate ALL I had to offer. I also had to respect myself enough to grant myself TRUE desires. Even if that meant others would be confused or “let down” by my decisions. If your inner doesn’t agree with the choice, it’s okay to say no. The line between selfish and selfless as never been so thin when it comes to self love and care. Neglecting others is a real thing as well, so when it comes down to taking care of you ask yourself, “Am I truly hurting someone I love by choosing to be selfish in this moment?”. Life altering decisions are extremely fragile, personally and socially. Choose wisely. You must also look at the BIGGER PICTURE. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Remember the details. Remember, LOVE CONQUERS ALL. 


We are taught many things as children. We then take those lessons and anchor ourselves within them. Whether it is “good” or “bad” we hold on to it forever. As children we show who we are no matter what. Which can give some insight on who and what you truly want to be and who you truly are.


Spend at least an hour with yourself a day, journal, reach out to your loved ones,  listen to their stories & pay close attention to what disrupts you & makes you happy.

Let me know if this helps curve some of your loneliness, depression, sadness, animosity and confusion.

And as always,

Peace, Love & Light.

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