Hey, Hey , Haaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

I know it’s been a LONG while since I’ve burst threw your timelimes with all this LOVE SAUCE, but never fear Sharmaine is here.

Dude, it feels so good to just NOT DO the whole Social Media thing lolol. To literally, just say, no I’m not cyber spacing today, or the day after that, or the day after that, cause I freaking CAN! Now that’s what I call SELF-CONTROL, there’s no better definition in my opinion.

I had to take 2 months to reset my creativity, get my new job down and spend some time for ME. Yes, I have a life too. My goals call for me to feel free, happy, positive, ambitious and victorious all at the same dang time. Therefore, ergo, a sistah had to unplug from all things and give each pillar of my life some TLC. I spent time with my love, which was amazing, we went to the beach, hiked, relaxed, all dat. I’ve started back teaching dance classes which makes me SUPER happy about life. Dance will always have a special place in my heart. I was blessed to change day jobs into a position that aligns with my overall career goals at the best casting agency in Atlanta. All of that gratitiude has been working hard for me so I had to take a break and enjoy the fruit from all of that rain God let fall in my garden.

By now I’m sure you know where I’m going with all of this, and yes I want all of you to experience this type of bliss. Yes, I know I manage an online blog and telling you to sign off can make my views go down BUT I’d rather you be grateful, experience happiness and realize the increase in your life, over you ready every single post on my website. My prayers for everyone on this planet and the next is for them to truly experience love. In my eyes love comes from freedom and freedom is not given, it is experienced. Freedom is a choice. No one has to feel inferior, afraid, lost, uncomfortable nor unsettled.

Taking time out to solely focus on yourself can enable that balance you’ve been yearning for. Don’t hesitate to let yourself experience love through freeing yourself from the comparison game, your daily “routine”, the obsession of others and their lives or even the burdens of the world. You deserve a break. So feel free to take it. MaineST.net will be here when you’re done. 😊

I love you dearly and I’ll see you soon. Be at peace. Be love and carry the light.

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