You are Loved

Beyond all of the electoral shenanigans, I have been going through A LOT lately. My trust, service and consideration was violated to my face which left me in an akward, disheartening position. I hate it when people make the mistake of taking my kindness for weakness and just blatantly treating me like, “Fuck you and […]


For two years now I’ve been semi-infatuated with the dream of going to AfroPunk. Initially my fantasy was to go to Brooklyn, dress up and roam the streets celebrating the culture with my favorite gals, but after that never seemed to happen due to touring and other life obligations I got a widdle sad to be […]

How to Relate

I received a message asking how to relate to nature due to my previous post Relate. Basically, the memo was when you’re not feeling 110% cool, calm and collected to go out into nature to lower your stress levels and heighten your vibrations. In response to Arlyne’s inquiry, here are other ways to lower those stress […]