Mother isn’t Happy

2 weeks ago marked our 2nd Litter-Pickup in the Southwest Atlanta area. Special thank you’s go to all of the wonderful, caring people that decided to take some time out of their Sunday to make our communities brighter. The urgency of cleaning up our streets has definitely caught up to us. As I created this […]

Love Thy Self

I know it’s easily said by many, to love the skin you’re in and show yourself respect. But how can you do all of those marvelous things if you haven’t first taken the time with yourself, to KNOW yourself? I know I talk a lot about doing what you love & loving your process. Personally, […]

New Year Salute To You !

Many people find themselves around this time of year making resolutions, lists, vision boards and just plain reinventing themselves. We’ve been conditioned to hold the New Year as a time for NEW things, customs and strategy experiments. That’s great and all but let us not forget the people who haven’t made it to 2017 with […]