NICK in the 90’s

Here’s a #TBT I work so many EXTRA-ORDINARY jobs, but here’s one that reminded me of the smell of my early years. Got to snap some pictures at the Atlanta Hawks Game for Nickelodeon’s Nick in the 90’s event. It was so cool to educate the youngsters about SNICK and the Big Orange Couch! [right][/right]

Erick Nathan Performance

I had the privilege and honor of performing with my FMA Live cast mate Erick Nathan in Athens, GA on yesterday, opening up for Aaron Carter. What made the evening particularly special is the fact I spend literally 20 weeks out of the year touring the country performing a show for students with a group […]

New Year Same Goals

  New Year …..although it seems as if I’ve done this already lol. 2015 opened the door to my WiLDEST dreams. Pursing my passions relentlessly in aim to release hope, love and inspiration to the world! What are some things you want to keep going this year and elevate to a new level? Forget what we’ve let go […]