Balance the Base

The chakras are energy centers that allow yourself to receive, internalize and diffuse energy.  When I was first introduced to my chakras I paid a lot of attention to my root because it was less active in comparison to all of the others. I then noticed that I was always thinking about “what if’s” instead […]

New Year Salute To You !

Many people find themselves around this time of year making resolutions, lists, vision boards and just plain reinventing themselves. We’ve been conditioned to hold the New Year as a time for NEW things, customs and strategy experiments. That’s great and all but let us not forget the people who haven’t made it to 2017 with […]

Lay the Foundation

For the past few months we’ve been in Asana. Patanjali did not begin physical yoga until hundreds of years later. With that being fact, lets take this time to take a look back at the Yamas that started our journey.  Yama means moral foundation, in this study and practice the ethics foundation is laid.  

You are Loved

Beyond all of the electoral shenanigans, I have been going through A LOT lately. My trust, service and consideration was violated to my face which left me in an akward, disheartening position. I hate it when people make the mistake of taking my kindness for weakness and just blatantly treating me like, “Fuck you and […]