For two years now I’ve been semi-infatuated with the dream of going to AfroPunk. Initially my fantasy was to go to Brooklyn, dress up and roam the streets celebrating the culture with my favorite gals, but after that never seemed to happen due to touring and other life obligations I got a widdle sad to be […]

Move Ya Body

😏 Today felt like it was time for a good heels class so I was taking advantage of Kenitia’s 7pm spot. 👅 But due to her being so FABULOUS dancing with Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and her videos and thangs hunny she wasnt able to make it, but I can totally dig it! 😄😆😛 I […]

Erick Nathan Performance

I had the privilege and honor of performing with my FMA Live cast mate Erick Nathan in Athens, GA on yesterday, opening up for Aaron Carter. What made the evening particularly special is the fact I spend literally 20 weeks out of the year touring the country performing a show for students with a group […]