Love Jams

#MaineFrequency I know I mentioned on Twitter that Google Play hasn’t been getting no play due to my coveted podcasts. But, big, BUTT, there’s a new obsession in town, not quite so “NEW”. Soundcloud has been mixing it up & slowing it down for me lately. GREAT VIBEZ When I skipped my gym trip the […]

Balance the Base

The chakras are energy centers that allow yourself to receive, internalize and diffuse energy.  When I was first introduced to my chakras I paid a lot of attention to my root because it was less active in comparison to all of the others. I then noticed that I was always thinking about “what if’s” instead […]


I am the person that wants to have a plan and also let things fall as they may. At a point in my life, I was over whelming myself with the responsibility of having ALL the ANSWERS and knowing what chain of events were coming next. I wanted to get instant, direct results from the […]