HER Tone Tights

  Support • Support • Support 🔌ALERT 🔌 Dizzy Dancewear Tights are simply incredible 💓 I was asked by @dizzy_izzy_dancewear to come and #Testify my love and I GLADLY Agreed!😍 Not only do they have my tone in their HerTone line they have Queen’s approval💋 quality ! Every dancer needs tights and HER Tone tights are […]

Move Ya Body

😏 Today felt like it was time for a good heels class so I was taking advantage of Kenitia’s 7pm spot. 👅 But due to her being so FABULOUS dancing with Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and her videos and thangs hunny she wasnt able to make it, but I can totally dig it! 😄😆😛 I […]

Tour Family

Introducing my FMA LIVE family and Terry lol (my bestie’s boo thang). Our Fall 2015 tour launched in Minnesota, Minneapolis. It’s a hip hop, physics show by, Nasa and Honeywell, designed to educate middle schoolers about STEM careers. Our goal is to encourage kids to become engineers, and basically inform them of what an engineer […]