How to Prep for Contentment

Just in case you forgot, we’re STILL Hitting the Floor and meditation is the reason why! It’s the perfect solution to finding contentment.  con·tent·ment [kənˈtentmənt]   NOUN a state of happiness and satisfaction: “he found contentment in living a simple life in the country” synonyms: contentedness · content · satisfaction · gratification · But can […]

RED Affirmations

Self – Sabotaging with negative self talk can be a key to all of your root woe’s but as Jessica from and I said in our Periscope about eliminating negative self-talk, “don’t be your biggest bully.”  Visualize all of your tasks complete, discuss your concerns with loved ones, journal and devise a plan. Abandon […]

Balance the Base

The chakras are energy centers that allow yourself to receive, internalize and diffuse energy.  When I was first introduced to my chakras I paid a lot of attention to my root because it was less active in comparison to all of the others. I then noticed that I was always thinking about “what if’s” instead […]


So Phresh and So Clean On Sunday’s I absolutely LOVE taking bubble baths. It makes me feel as if I am washing off all of the negative energy that has grabbed ahold of me during the week. But, Soucha says do ya truly let it go? Do you wash away what’s on you, like for […]