Gimme a Break

Hey, Hey , Haaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! I know it’s been a LONG while since I’ve burst threw your timelimes with all this LOVE SAUCE, but never fear Sharmaine is here. Dude, it feels so good to just NOT DO the whole Social Media thing lolol. To literally, just say, no I’m not cyber spacing today, or the […]

Love Jams

#MaineFrequency I know I mentioned on Twitter that Google Play hasn’t been getting no play due to my coveted podcasts. But, big, BUTT, there’s a new obsession in town, not quite so “NEW”. Soundcloud has been mixing it up & slowing it down for me lately. GREAT VIBEZ When I skipped my gym trip the […]

Love Thy Self

I know it’s easily said by many, to love the skin you’re in and show yourself respect. But how can you do all of those marvelous things if you haven’t first taken the time with yourself, to KNOW yourself? I know I talk a lot about doing what you love & loving your process. Personally, […]