How to Relate

I received a message asking how to relate to nature due to my previous post Relate. Basically, the memo was when you’re not feeling 110% cool, calm and collected to go out into nature to lower your stress levels and heighten your vibrations. In response to Arlyne’s inquiry, here are other ways to lower those stress […]

Burning Woman

Exploring the limbs of yoga has been such a beautiful journey. It’s almost as if as soon as I finish one the next comes bubbling up in my soul! As we go deeper into the observances, Tapas follows Santosha. Tapas centers on the fire and desire to practice yoga. I’m sure practicing yoga is no […]

Right Here is Good

Lately I’ve been seeing a few people on my timeline on various social networks chatting it up about their yearly “The Alchemist Read”. I found it interesting that so many people’s tones were very, “this is the secret to life-ish” ha, but if you’ve experienced The Alchemist I’m sure you’ve experienced the importance of embracing love […]