Love Jams

#MaineFrequency I know I mentioned on Twitter that Google Play hasn’t been getting no play due to my coveted podcasts. But, big, BUTT, there’s a new obsession in town, not quite so “NEW”. Soundcloud has been mixing it up & slowing it down for me lately. GREAT VIBEZ When I skipped my gym trip the […]

Earth, Wind & Fire

Respecting The Elements I cannot deny the vibrations these righteous brothers have created and left for us to enjoy today. For the past few days I’ve been obsessed with my Earth, Wind & Fire Radio! Even when I’m not feeling as cheerful their frequency reminds me that peace and love can cure ALL. Take some […]

O, Queen Erykah

SAVE the BEES Erykah Badu has mesmerized us ALL for YEARS with her hidden messages and smooth delivery. Why else would people compare vibrant, afro rocking women to her if she wasn’t completely, BAD ASS!? I figured why not honor the Queen in my next Maine Frequency post, especially because this post is coming to you LIVE, from […]


I let Ms Ashliegh pick my freestyle tune on this one, obviously she was on the right #Frequency. I had such a great time shooting for Dizzy Dancewear’s HER Tone tights I thought I’d share the intro to my freestyle VIBE session in the commercial.   Here’s some artist you can vibe to this weekend. Kelela Gallant Little […]